Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vinyl Wall Decor

Hello! I just learned how to create with vinyl and love it! I want to plaster vinyl everywhere! I love the way it looks and all the things you can do with it! The first thing I made for myself was a saying for my craft room.

Here it is:
I placed this above my door in my craft room. Dream is a chocolate brown with a hot pink butterfly! I love the color combo of pink and brown! Dream is a phrase from Gypsy Wanderings on my Gypsy. Its about 12 inches long and 6.25 inches tall. I hope you like it! I do!

Can't wait to read your comments!


Kim said...

Looks Great:)

Anna said...

Kim I truly love your vinyl layout and the color scheme. I have so much vinyl I just have to start using it. Thank you so much for sharing and you did a great job!

thekolbes said...


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